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Maja Ganszyniec / Ganszyniec Studio

SONA is a visually light, modular furniture system perfectly suited to areas where we wait, rest, meet or talk.


The collection consists of elements which give architects the flexibility to combine them depending on the purpose of the building, its size and functions of the interior. Designers are free to put together any layout:  a single seat for mobile work, a zone dedicated to talks and meetings, an island for rest and relaxation in large and crowded spaces, or rows of seats in narrow corridors.


Sona’s characteristic features are panels fastened to the back supports. The panels come in two types: short – to preserve the open formula of the sofa or armchair, and tall – for additional comfort during rest or to ensure privacy. The shield, also available in a corner type, has been designed to create quiet islands in large open-space offices.


The name Sona comes from “suono”, which means sound. This is because through the use tall panels fastened to the back support and larger upholstered surfaces it is possible to shape the room’s acoustics. The other meaning of Sona is zone. A wide range of NOTI textures and colours provides designers with an opportunity to divide and “mark” individual zones, highlight or attenuate them with colour.

The collection is based on 8 basic frames. Pouffes or small tables can be used to split rows of seats or finish off the final arrangement. It is also possible to reverse the modules to talk “over the shoulder” or work “back to back”. In large islands the back supports are connected at the rear, forming two rows facing opposite sides.


Additional functionalities include media ports for connecting and charging mobile devices which are integrated into table tops. Lamps also fitted in tables give the arrangement a homely feel.


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