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Piotr Kuchciński

Muse is a wide family of comfortable and light modular furniture, which – in addition to such traditional elements as a sofa, ottoman and armchair – also includes round pouffes, daybed and a bench. 


A characteristic feature of the Muse collection is the rectangular armrest  and backrest cushion positioned, at an angle, to the inside of the seat. Geometric backrests and armrest consist of a harder body and soft support and they are combined in one form with their joint upholstery material. Backrest and armrests’ cushions, due to their softness, can be visibly wrinkled, even if they are not used. The intensity of wrinkles depends mainly on the type and stiffness of the fabric or skin.

Seats, which can be ordered on a wooden natural oak base or with black lacquered legs, are supplemented by tables of various shapes and heights, including an oval coffee table. A new material used for the production of table tops is white and black terazzo. For tables with terrazzo tops, the designer recommends black varnished legs. This colour should also be chosen in the case of seats with a metal base.


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