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Linar Plus



LINAR PLUS is a modified version of LINAR chairs, designed in 2007, with a smooth line connected seat with backrest.


Piotr Kuchciński has changed the contour of the backrest and added a few elements including a plywood seat, thick felt, a distinctive upholstered pad and new chair bases, including wooden legs – beech and ash.


A model in beech plywood can be covered, one one side, with a new material in Noti – top-quality wool felt with a high basis weight. Walt felt is available in a trendy choice of colours ranging from intensive solid colours to pastel mélange hues. Due to its excellent functional parameters, the material is a superb choice for offices and modern workplaces.

The modified LINAR PLUS variants greatly increase the range of potential applications of the chairs in a variety of office requirements and public areas.

LINAR PLUS chairs, thanks to the narrow seat, take up a relatively small amount of space, and t
he chairs with skids and tube legs are conveniently stackable.


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