About us

So, who are Haiken?

We are a design led company that is fundamentally changing the way we think about – and use – the furniture

we spend a large part of our lives in.  We supply complete furniture packages for office refurbishments or fitouts,

and help you to choose the best furniture package for you or your clients needs.

We work in a collaborative way with our clients – advising, explaining and then helping them to empower

their customers. We equip the designers with the tools they need to ensure they are crafting the best working

environment possible.

If you think office furniture is boring, we need to talk!

Quality & Assurance

At Haiken, we care passionately about the quality of our products, and each furniture piece has to pass rigorous tests to secure it’s place in our collection.

Our partnership with NOTI only re-emphasises our commitment to quality, whose furniture is all to a ISO 9000 standard, and uses advanced techniques in manufacturing.

We are so confident of the quality and durability of our products we offer an 8 year warranty on seating, and a 10 year warranty on workstations!


We believe in giving back to the environment and sustainability.  Therefore, our products are made with careful attention to design, efficiencies, and with a thoughtfulness to material sources.  By designing our furniture pieces to be long-wearing and quality, we help eliminate waste.

We also donate much second-hand or surplus furniture to charitable organisations, so you can rest assured you’re making the best conscious decision when going with Haiken.